A Celebration in true sense!

At Village Story, we open up our farm for you to celebrate life in truce sense. We offer our space, our facilities and our services for you to have eco-friendly events, festivals and any other occasions out in the open of our farm.

We curate activities and experiences for you in such a way that they are green, sustainable, and most importantly, loads of community fun. Every event is specially customized for you and your group. 

Some of the Facilities At Village Story

Fun Filled Activities

Games and Music

Farming Activities

Firewood Cooking Experience

Healthy Food and refreshments

Village Walk And Farm Tour

Camping Tents

Screening Facilities

Overnight Stay

Eco-Friendly Parties

We often host children’s birthday parties at the Village story farm. We strive to give you and your guests a great time exploring the farm and experiencing eco-friendly ways of celebrating and making moments of life a memorable one.

Eco-friendly Holi Celebration

Holi as a festival is always great fun, what if we told you that Holi could be just as enjoyable, but without the pollution and wastage?

Frequently Asked Questions.

There are no restrictions for photography, cameras are allowed and should be used at your discretion.

No, we do not offer transport facilities.

Yes, we do provide basic first aid.