Farmers Market (On Hold Due to Covid 19)

Farmers’ Market at Village Story is something which is very close to our heart. It is a sincere effort to build a community around the experience of farming, eco-friendly products, sustainable lifestyle, event and workshops which help you live a sustainable life. It is a platform where green warriors form across Bangalore, Karnataka and beyond come down to participate and sell their produce.

Farmers’ Market by Village Story is held once a month at Village Story Farms and also in other farms around the Bengaluru City. One can find products ranging from organically grown veggies to eco-friendly vegetable bags, to highly educative workshops and fun-filled activities on the day. Most importantly, you can meet the hands that grow your food and get to learn all about it! Best part – All our Farmers’ Market are pet friendly events

What To expect in Farmers Market?

Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Eco-friendly, Pet-Friendly & Sustainable Products

Healthy Food and refreshments

Events and Workshops for all ages

Connecting To other organic farmers

Learn about what you eat

Snapshot from our past Eco Friendly Markets