Farmers Market (On Hold Due to Covid 19)

Farmers’ Market at Village Story is something which is very close to our heart. It is a sincere effort to build a community around the experience of farming, eco-friendly products, sustainable lifestyle, event and workshops which help you live a sustainable life. It is a platform where green warriors form across Bangalore, Karnataka and beyond come down to participate and sell their produce.

Farmers’ Market by Village Story is held once a month at Village Story Farms and also in other farms around the Bengaluru City. One can find products ranging from organically grown veggies to eco-friendly vegetable bags, to highly educative workshops and fun-filled activities on the day. Most importantly, you can meet the hands that grow your food and get to learn all about it! Best part – All our Farmers’ Market are pet friendly events

What To expect in Farmers Market?

Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Eco-friendly, Pet-Friendly & Sustainable Products

Healthy Food and refreshments

Events and Workshops for all ages

Connecting To other organic farmers

Learn about what you eat

Snapshots of farmer's market in past

Frequently Asked Questions.

If we are informed that our customer may not be able to tend to their plants on a particular day, we will tend to it with no additional charges.

No, all our plots are a standard size, 7×7 square plots.

We can display your products and keep them for sale, given that they are sustainable and Eco-friendly.