Rent a Plot(On Hold)

The community farm is a space that allows city-dwellers who are invested in sustainable and wholesome living to feel the joy of connecting with nature and getting in touch with roots. Living in the bustle of the city means that we often face a lack of open, natural space. With just a short drive from the center of the Bengaluru city, we offer you a little pocket of much-needed nature, where you can play an active role in the food that reaches your table.

Rent a plot of your own at our farm and reconnect with your roots. You can have your own plot of farmland at the Village Story farm, where you have the chance to nurture your patch of handpicked greens and vegetables to take back to your kitchen.




Fresh & Healthy

100% Natural

How it works?

We at Village Story understand how busy work and school schedules can be, and want to help you get your breath of fresh air as smoothly as possible. While we recommend weekly visits to the farm, we ensure that your plot remains lush and healthy while you are away. As part of the subscription, here is what we offer to help you through the cultivation process:


Grown With Love on Our Farms

As soon as the produce is ready to be harvested, members are sent a notification. You can either choose to harvest the crops yourself or have them picked up from the farm. While we do not offer delivery services, we can say with confidence that nothing is more fulfilling than harvesting produce grown with love with your own hands, and taking it back home. If you find yourself out of the city at the time of harvest, worry not. Village Story is happy to make arrangements to sell your produce to fellow community members.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If we are informed that our customer may not be able to tend to their plants on a particular day, we will tend to it with no additional charges.

No, all our plots are a standard size, 7×7 square plots.

We can display your products and keep them for sale, given that they are sustainable and Eco-friendly.